Words from a Veteran: “What I am Fighting For”

by Michelle on December 2, 2012

On Veterans’ Day last month, I woke up to a post on Facebook from a long time family friend – someone who has been like a father figure to me.  He shared a letter that his father wrote during World War II.  As a solider of the Army, he wrote home to his pastor at St. Stephens Lutheran church in Detroit, MI.  The letter was so poetic that I let it speak for itself when I decided to dedicate that day of thanks to our Veterans, past and present.  I’d love for you to have the chance to read it too:

Shared by Dennis Neubacher on 11/11/12: “During World War ll, my Dad, Corporal Harold Neubacher, wrote home to his pastor at St. Stephens Lutheran Church in southwest Detroit. This is what he said:


I am fighting for that big yellow house with the bright green roof and big front lawn, the house that I lived in before Hitler and the Japanese came into my life. I am fighting for two big poplar trees out there on the lawn where I spent so many happy and never-to-be forgotten hours.

I am fighting for that gray-haired father and red-headed mother who live in that house right now. Those two hard-working grown-ups who live in the house right now, who planned the life of this soldier before Uncle Sam took over. Those two people who fought so hard to give me a good education, to keep me well-clothed, well fed, and clean of body and mind.

I am fighting for that big wooden church with its tall stained-glass windows, its big organ with its magnificent tone, its choir, its people who were always glad to see us. That big wooden church with its great principles and ideals, its irreplaceable position in the community, its educational program for the young, its living testimony to the Creator of all.

I am fighting for that big brick schoolhouse, that nice black sedan I used to have, my room at home with all the books, that radio in the living room, and all the other things that went on to make life a happy one.

I am fighting for my home, and your home, my town and your town. I am fighting for Detroit, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles and Cleveland and all the rest. And, above all, I am fighting for Washington. I am fighting for those two houses of Congress, for that dignified and magnificent Supreme Court, for that President who had led us so brilliantly through these trying years and for the man who succeeds him.

I am fighting for everything that America stands for. I am fighting for the rights of the poor and the rights of the rich. I am fighting for the right of the American people to choose their own leaders to live their own lives, to pursue their own careers, to save their money if they like or to spend their money if they like.

I am fighting for that freedom that so few of us seemed to realize we had before the war struck at us.I am fighting for that American belief in equality, in justice, and in Almighty God.

These are the things I am fighting for and there are millions more in the Army fighting for them too. And back on the home front the rest of the millions are buying bonds to help pay for the weapons of war and working day and night on production lines to produce the weapons of war.





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