Why Network Marketing is an Asset to Your Personal Development

by Michelle on September 24, 2012

Are you ready to develop yourself personally and professionally?  If you are looking for an insightful and spiritual way to grow yourself, you might consider network marketing.

It became clear to me that this model is a business that anyone can do regardless of experience, background, and education; but it is not for everyone nor is it a business everyone will be successful in.  It takes a strong, focused, positive, disciplined, diligent individual to be successful in network marketing.  Anyone can be those things, but not all of us will choose to be.  Meaning: that most of us have some work to do on ourselves but not all of us will commit to the work to improve upon who we are to become we want to be.  And improving upon ourselves begins with the core of our being.

In a network marketing business, it is far much more than the income generated.  It is a journey of  personal development.  When you stick with it, you become a better, stronger, wiser version of yourself and you get to share that option and experience with others to help them become the same.  It is a strong support system and community of people, many of which with whom you will find a true sense of relationship.  Many of you will share similar stories and backgrounds, nearly all with have empathy for where you are and where you want to be.  In this business, you are never alone.

A Business & Leadership Mindset ~

For me, this business model has been a fantastic vehicle for personal and professional development – and it can be for you too.  The business aspect of it alone will develop you in different ways, such as learning to change your mindset from employee or small business owner to big business owner and smart investor, and all that comes along with that mindset.  You learn to strategize by setting smart goals and performing smart activities in a limited time frame.  In being part of a team and in leading a team, you learn to support, encourage, and edify – the most positive and effective portions of leadership.

Life is a Rollercoaster ~

And just like life, this business is a rollercoaster (thankfully, a low risk rollercoaster).  While there are plenty of ups, it is guaranteed you will face downs.  They might include plateaus in growth or various degrees of disappointment.  What you learn in business in handling the rollercoaster, you can apply to your life.  The training that comes along with the business, plus your dedication to personal development along the way, will help you thrive not just in business but in all areas of your life.

Making Solid & Positive Connections ~

My favorite part of this business is the connections we make with like-minded individuals.  In culture of underappreciation, it is a place to feel not only accomplished but emphatically appreciated.  In this business, as a team, we celebrate every achievement whether it creates a return on investment/profit or not, so there is a ton of love, support, and encouragement.  You will also make unexpected connections locally, across the states, and across the world.

A good company will be full of high-quality individuals all working toward a common goal – improving who they are so they can be more effective to others.  They will share with you their personal resources which will help you overcome obstacles in business and in life and accomplish great things.  You will get to see people differently, which will allow you to see yourself differently, all of which will make a positive impact to your spirit and your soul.

If you are unsure where to begin on the road to self-discovery and personal development, consider finding a network marketing company that you can stand behind and will commit to everything that comes along with starting this sort of business.  It will benefit you in multiple ways, financially and personally.  Don’t forget: you get to do it on your own schedule and you earn as you learn. 

“Network marketing not only provides a great business education, it also provides a whole-new world of friends – friends who are going in the same direction as you are and share the same core values as you do.”  ~Robert Kiyosaki, The Business of the 21st Century

“Rather than being surrounded by people who are competing with you for that next promotion, here your business is filled with people who are just as committed to your success as you are, because your success is what assures their success.  Chances are good that some of them will become your best friends.”  ~Robert Kiyosaki, The Business of the 21st Century


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