Creating a Positive Mindset #3: Embracing Delayed Gratification

October 18, 2012

Another contributing factor to our daily fight with negativity is our need for instant gratification.  Anything less than “right now” has turned many into unappreciative, sarcastic, and cynical individuals – a breeding ground for negativity.  We have lost sight that many of the best things in life take hard work and time.  A tree doesn’t […]

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Creating a Positive Mindset #2: Redirecting Focus

October 16, 2012

One of the breeding grounds for negativity is misplaced focus.  The good news is, you can regain your focus to kick that negativity to the curb. How does one misplace the focus?   Hearing success stories of other people is really important, but I have come to find that we hear what we want to hear […]

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Creating a Positive Mindset #1: Controlling Information Overload

October 12, 2012

Information overload has taken control of our time and it has affected our psyche.  Now is the moment for you to start gaining control over your own time.  It will make you happier and much more positive in the long run.  But it can be tough to stay positive when information keeps coming at us.  […]

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How to Create a Positive Mindset

October 11, 2012

Have you ever wondered: How are some people so dang happy?  Do you ever think that they have a charmed life?  The truth is, none of us are immune to disappointment, loss, and hurt.  It’s a mixture of nature and nurture which forms how we react to these situations.  But because nurture is a huge […]

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Why Network Marketing is an Asset to Your Personal Development

September 24, 2012

Are you ready to develop yourself personally and professionally?  If you are looking for an insightful and spiritual way to grow yourself, you might consider network marketing. It became clear to me that this model is a business that anyone can do regardless of experience, background, and education; but it is not for everyone nor […]

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4 Reasons Personal Development is Important

September 21, 2012

Just this week, I connected with my prior boss for the first time since we lost our jobs a year ago.  Of course we caught up and filled each other in on what this past year was like for both of us.  As I shared what I was doing these days, I finished my list […]

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The 3 Steps in Tackling Fear

September 14, 2012

I watched The Hunger Games this past weekend, and I loved this quote: “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.”  It is true – greatness begins with a strong desire and a healthy dose of hope.  At some point, you have to decide that your desire and hope are stronger than your fear. So […]

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7 Steps on How to Discipline Your Disappointment

September 4, 2012

Have you ever been disappointed?  Likely you have.  Most of us have because most of us have goals.  The biggest disappointments tend to come when we are on a roll, moving right along toward an ample or exciting achievement.  And then the dry spell hits, keeping us just shy of hitting the goal.  Our momentum […]

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