Thank you for making it to Michelle’s little corner of the cyber world.  This blog is meant to teach, to inspire, to support all who visit.  It is Michelle’s intent to share her mistakes and successes along with some of her own personal thoughts, insights, research and learnings.

It is her hope that her readers realize they are not alone in their own personal journey, whatever it might be; that mistakes are as important as successes as a part of the process in achieving rewarding outcomes.

To give you some insight in what brought Michelle to the blogging world, April 2011 marked the start of an incredible journey that has been proven to change Michelle’s life in ways she had never fully imagined.  Michelle’s years of experience, coupled with her adoring family of husband and baby girl, have inspired her to be the entrepreneur she dreamed of being since a young girl.  Today she is the face of her own business in Network Marketing, working alongside Dr Katie Rodan & Dr Kathy Fields (the “Proactiv Solution Doctors”) in their new business, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.

Michelle’s passion is helping people — mentoring where applicable but mainly inspiring all to pursue a life a happiness and purpose, and it is our hope that this passion will be evident to you as you read the posts on this site, and that you will benefit from this information whether you are interested in direct selling with Michelle, curious about network marketing, and you are simply looking for a little inspiration from her journey.

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