6 Ways to Get Your Start-Up Costs

by Michelle on July 12, 2012

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On Tuesday, I talked about not having the money to start up a business, even a small network marketing investment sort of business.  I also mentioned “magically finding the funds” – because when we really want something, we can find the money for it, right?  In writing Tuesday’s post, I thought of some items I really wanted to share, so here is a bonus post in regards to “We All Want More Money”…

If you are reading this and money is tight, I understand; it was for me when I first started in business too.  And if I was currently in the million dollar circle, you surely would know it.  It’s safe for you to guess that I’m in between “return on my investment – check!” and “million dollar earner.”  But I am proof there is profit on the other side of the first couple months in business.  It is true that my paychecks get better every month and I am working my way toward financial freedom.

In the grand scheme of things, if something is vastly desired, $1000 is not very much money.  If you know you can make it back (and fairly simply), then it is a good investment.  So if money is the only true objection, then here are few ideas to get the money to start up and a few other points to consider…

My Top 6 Ways to Get Start-Up Funds for your Network Marketing Business:

  1. Stash away a little portion of the next so many day-job paychecks until you have what you need.
  2. Dave Ramsey would kill me for this – but use a credit card.  Listen, if you don’t like debt, it just gives you more incentive to get your $$ back and pay it off before you are charged any interest.  Besides, if your goal is financial freedom, you can add the goal of never needing to use a credit card again.
  3. Host a garage or yard sale – I know many people who have been able to make a good $400 just by hosting a garage sale.
  4. Sell something you no longer need/use online (eBay, Craigslist, etc.)
  5. Find a financial backer – I actually know someone who went to her father for the money and was able to pay him back with her first paycheck. Again, when you owe someone the money back, you work harder to get that debt erased.
  6. Start talking to people before you invest.  Once you enroll, you can already have customers and business partners lined up the moment you are in business.  This will help you to generate that very first paycheck, which is instrumental to you knowing the opportunity you have in your hands is real – plus, you will be well on your way to getting that ROI with a paycheck the next month.

Network marketing is a fantastic way to build a solid second income or even a replacement income.  In most of these opportunities, it is relatively simple to make your money back; the rest is the gravy, and each individual gets to determine how thick (s)he wants it.  Find the funds to get started; get creative (but stay legal and maintain integrity).  If it is desired badly enough, the way will be found.

And one last bit of advice: before jumping in, ensure there is a proven system in place to get the return back sooner than later.  Check with the person who presented the opportunity to find out if there will be training and support in getting that ROI.  The quickest way to your own success is to join forces with someone who will be as invested in it as you are.

“Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” Warren Buffet

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

“Buy companies with strong histories of profitability and a dominant business franchise.” Warren Buffet



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