4 Ideas for Making the Most of Leap Day

by Michelle on February 29, 2016

A lot can happen in 4 years.  Think about it.  Where were you last Leap Day?  And what has changed in your life since then?  I sit back and think on my past 4 years and see not just the challenges I faced, but what I have overcome and what new blessings have appeared, and all because of choices I had made.  I made decisions – big decisions – which would alter my future, for better.
So Leap Day.  What is it, exactly?  I read that it catches us up with the Gregorian calendar.  Ok.  Cool.  So there is your technical answer.  But this year’s Leap Day does not have to be “just another day,” or even more depressing, “Just another Monday.”  Instead, it is another opportunity.  It is a gift.  Each day is a new beginning, so Leap Day is another start.  It is an extra day that is an extra reminder to DO SOMETHING with our lives.
So what can you DO to celebrate Leap Day today ?  Here are a few quick ideas:
  1. Reach your Goals – Listen. For those of you who had February goals, today is the greatest gift to you!  Typically today would be March 1st, the day you might find yourself sulking because you didn’t hit your goals.  Any other common year today would be March 1st!  But it’s not!  It’s still February, friends!  Get out there and hit those goals!  You have a WHOLE DAY to get crackin’, so let’s go!
  2. Stretch Yourself and Surpass Your Goals – Because why not?  If you had anything you were working toward, why sit out today?  You can celebrate and relax tomorrow.  Finishing out your month strong is only way to finish out a month.  It’s a win-win: you either do even better this month, so that next month, you will stretch yourself even further (because you are sitting here proving you can do even more than you ever thought you could), OR, it doesn’t develop into anything more than you what already reached…except for the fact that it gets you closer to your next month’s goal proactively.  Who doesn’t love a jump start?
  3. Start Something New – Because by your “First” anniversary, 4 years will have passed.  Can you imagine what you could be celebrating by then?  And how far you have come?  Why not turn today into Leap Of Faith Day?  Why not consider something you have never done before, maybe even something you never, ever thought you’d do, and see what happens?  Do you truly have one good reason not to, or are you excusing you out of your own greatness?  Remember, in 4 years, a lot can happen.  No one is expecting you to be an overnight success.  Remember, with every ending lies a new beginning.  Instead of seeing today as the last day of the month, as something that can fall by the way side, see today as a way to close one door and enter into another one. Say yes to a unique opportunity and watch your own greatness reveal itself over the next 4 years.
  4. RESTART Something – For all of the same reasons of #3.  Perhaps as you reflect on the past 4 years, you see value in something that you didn’t quite give your all.  Or maybe life happened (it did to me).  Maybe you had other priorities for awhile.  It’s ok, that doesn’t mean you have to say good-bye forever.  Life DOES happen; it can throw us off our game and maybe even put us on the sideline for awhile.  But it’s still there – it’s still a great opportunity or gift in your life just sitting there waiting for you to breathe life back into it.  Put those game shoes back on and DO IT.  And do it today.
Not quite ready to leap?  At least commit yourself to taking a small step.  Progress is progress.  But don’t do that until tomorrow.  Tomorrow can be “Small Step Day.”  Because TODAY – today is LEAP DAY.
“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”  ~Marilyn Ferguson 

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